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30-day Public Notice - Title V Permit Renewal and Minor Modification to Calpine Corporation

Pursuant to the Monterey Bay Air Resources District (MBARD) Rule 218, MBARD solicits written comments to the preliminary decision to approve the issuance of the Title V Permit renewal and minor modification to Calpine Corporation (Calpine) for their existing facility located in King City. The facility consists of two power plants on adjacent properties, a 120 MegaWatt (MW) Cogeneration plant located at 750 Metz Road and a 50 MW Peaker plant located at 51 Don Bates Way.

The public has an opportunity to review and comment on the proposed Project. Under special circumstances, MBARD may hold a public hearing. Written comments must be submitted via email to  or mailed to the address below and be postmarked by Friday, June 2, 2023.
Mailing Address: Monterey Bay Air Resources District, Attention: Armando Jimenez, 24580 Silver Cloud Court, Monterey, CA 93940

Title V Permit Renewal and Minor Modification Evaluation