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11/4/2022 PRESS RELEASE: Air District Grants $1,200,000 for Air Quality Improvement Projects

 On October 19th 2022, the Monterey Bay Air Resources District (MBARD) Board approved the FY 2022-23 AB2766 Motor Vehicle Emission Reduction Grant Awards.  Grant awards are funded by DMV fees which are used by MBARD for public projects that result in air quality benefits. This year’s AB2766 Grant award budget totaled $1,200,000.

Emission reduction project grants were awarded to the following public agencies:


Monterey County:   1. Monterey-Salinas Transit: Zero Emission Bus

                                     2. County of Monterey: Roundabout Design and Construction

                                    3. City of Salinas: Electric Vehicle Replacement

                                    4. Meals on Wheels: Electric Vehicle Replacement


Santa Cruz County: 1. City of Santa Cruz: Zero Emission Street Sweeper

                                    2. County of Santa Cruz: Adaptive Traffic Signals

                                    3. City of Capitola: Zero Emission Street Sweeper


San Benito County: 1. Resource Management of San Benito County: Electric Vehicle Replacement

                                    2. County of San Benito Administration: Electric Vehicle Replacement


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Richard A. Stedman

Air Pollution Control Officer

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