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Business hours are Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM to 12:00 Noon and 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM.  On weekends, during the lunch hour, and after business hours, you may leave a message on the answering machine at 831-647-9411; the District will promptly respond to your phone message at the earliest return to business.

Our address is: 24580 Silver Cloud Court, Monterey, CA 93940

Main Telephone: (831) 647-9411

Fax: (831) 647-8501

To contact a staff person, please click on staff name to e-Mail.

Staff are organized by division.


Richard Stedman, Air Pollution Control Officer (APCO), 831-718-8039

Sirie Thongchua, Executive Assistant, 831-718-8028


Rosa Rosales, Administrative Services Manager, 831-718-8019

Carol Fontanilla, Office Assistant, 831-718-8051

Lynn Kievlan, Administrative and Fiscal Specialist, 831-718-8032

Laura Cent, Senior Fiscal Assistant. 831-718-8031


Amy Clymo, Engineering/Compliance Manager, 831-718-8013

Teresa Sewell, Supervising Air Quality Compliance Inspector, 831-718-8035

Bronwyn Nielson, Air Quality Compliance Inspector II, 831-718-8024

Cynthia Searson, Engineering and Compliance Specialist, 831-718-8033

Isabel Navoa, Senior Administrative Assistant, 831-718-8025

Isael Rubio-Salazar, Air Quality Compliance Inspector II, 831-718-8022

Ziggy Fafard, Air Quality Compliance Inspector I, 831-718-8036

Vacant, Air Quality Compliance Inspector 

Sandy Hartunian, Air Quality Compliance Inspector II, 831-718-8020

Shawn Boyle, Air Quality Compliance Inspector III, 831-718-8010

Trevor Benites, Air Quality Compliance Inspector III, 831-718-8007


Amy Clymo, Engineering/Compliance Manager, 831-718-8013

Mary Giraudo, Engineering Supervisor, 831-718-8018

Armando Jimenez, Air Quality Engineer III, 831-718-8034

Seong Kim, Air Quality Engineer II, 831-718-8008

Osiris Torres, Air Quality Engineer II, 831-718-8014

Fernando Pena, Air Quality Engineer I, 831-718-8009

Julia Duran, Senior Administrative Assistant, 831-718-8015


David Frisbey, Planning and Air Monitoring Manager, 831-718-8016

Eddie Ballaron, Air Quality Planner I, 831-718-8030

Tyrone Bell, Air Quality Planner I, 831-718-8023

Irene Miranda, Air Quality Planner I, 831-718-8021

Kara Hall, Air Quality Technician, 831-718-8027

Air Monitoring

William Chevalier, Supervising Air Monitoring Specialist, 831-718-8012

Tony Sotelo, Sr. Air Monitoring Specialist, 831-718-8038

Vacant, Air Monitoring Specialist