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Gas Stations Compliance and Testing

Application for New or Modification of Existing Gas Station

Click here to download permit application and recordkeeping forms.


Certification Requirements for Technicians (Updated November 13, 2019)ORVR FLEETS – Low Permeation Hose Advisory – Installation by June 10, 2018Low Permeation Hoses at Gasoline Dispensing Facilities with Assist Phase II EVR Systems – Installation by September 24, 2018Electronic Submittal of Test Notifications and Reports 

NOTIFICATION FORMS – Email to (redacted)

Test Notification Form

This transmittal is to be emailed prior to conducting the required tests.

Transmittal of Vapor Recovery Test

This transmittal is to be emailed along with the full test report within 30 days of completion of testing.

24-Hour Notification of Failure

This transmittal is to be emailed within 24 hours of cessation of testing.


TP201.1B Static Torque of Rotatable Phase I AdaptorsTP 201.1C/D Leak Rate of Drop Tube/Drain Pressure Integrity/OPD

Healy EVR Phase II Forms (E.O. VR-201-XX/VR-202-XX)

Exhibit 4 - Static Pressure Performance of the Healy Clean Air SeparatorExhibit 5 - Vapor to Liquid Volume Ratio (Roots Meter Option)Exhibit 5 - Vapor to Liquid Volume Ratio (Tritester Option)Exhibit 7 - Nozzle Bag Test Results (Startup Only)Exhibit 8 - TP201.3 Pressure Decay TestExhibit 9 - Veeder-Root ISD Operability Test ProcedureExhibit 10 - Incon ISD Operability Test ProcedureExhibit 14 - Dispenser Integrity Test


TP 201.4 Dynamic Back PressureTP 206.3 Aboveground Tank Static Pressure Performance Test

Balance Phase II Forms (E.O. VR-203-X, VR-204-X, & VR-208-X)

Exhibit 4 - TP201.3 Pressure Decay TestExhibit 5 - Liquid Removal Test (long version)Exhibit 5 - Liquid Removal Test (short version)Exhibit 7 - Nozzle Bag Test (Startup Only)Exhibit 8 - Hydrocarbon Sensor Verification TestExhibit 9 - VST Processor ActivationExhibit 10 - Vapor Pressure Sensor Verification TestExhibit 11 - Veeder Root Polisher Operability TestExhibit 12 - Veeder Root Vapor Polisher Hydrocarbon Emissions TestExhibit 13 - Hirt VCS 100 Processor Operability TestExhibit 14 - Static Pressure Performance of the Healy Clean Air SeparatorExhibit 17 - Veeder Root ISD Vapor Flow Meter Operability TestExihibit 17 & 19 (VR-204) and Exhibit 10 (VR-208) ISD Vapor Flow Meter Operability Test (INCON and Veeder-Root)Exhibit 20 - INCON Pressure Sensor Operability Test (Balance Systems)


Exhibit 2 - Static Pressure Performance, Pilot Light, and Main Burner


TP 201.5 Roots Meter OptionTP 201.5 TriTester OptionTP 201.6C Compliance Determination of Liquid Removal Option 2 Long Version


Exhibit 4 - Healy EO #G-70-187 Vapor Return Line Vacuum Integrity TestExhibit 5 - Healy EO #G-70-187 Filneck Vapor Pressure Regulation TestExhibit 6 - Healy EO #G-70-187 Ten Gallon per Minute Limitation Test

Testing Companies

The following is a list of testing contractors that have submitted vapor recovery testing reports to the Monterey Bay Air Resources District and not a recommendation of any kind. It is not a comprehensive list of all testing/maintenance/install contractors that can conduct services within the State of California for Vapor Recovery. Please verify that the contractor has the appropriate certifications prior to conducting vapor recovery testing/maintenance/or installation at your facility.

List of Vapor Recovery Testing Contractors

Permitted Facilities

Permitted Gasoline Dispensing FacilitiesPermitted Non-Retail Gasoline Storage and Aboveground Tanks