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AB 617 Community Air Protection

Workshop: June 8, 2021 @ 10:00 am via Zoom 

Please click the link below to join the webinar:
Phone (audio only): 1-669-900-6833 
Webinar ID: 874 2666 7446

Interactive CAP Priority Areas Map



Past Workshops:

Click below to download or view the June 11th workshop presentation and chat log

AB617 Outreach Presentation_2020.pdfAB617 Outreach chat log.txt


Signed by Governor Brown in 2017, Assembly Bill (AB) 617 was authored by Assembly Member Cristina Garcia to address the disproportionate impacts of air pollution in environmental justice communities. In response to this bill, the California Air Resources Board (CARB) established the Community Air Protection Program (CAPP) to reduce pollution exposure in communities based on environmental, health and socio-economic information, essentially prioritizing air quality improvements in these communities by enhancing air monitoring, providing cleaner technologies, and engaging the community.

AB 617 has key elements, such as adding and accelerating requirements for Best Available Retrofit Control Technology (BARCT) for industrial sources, creating a technology clearinghouse, increasing penalty fees, and greater transparency and availability of air emissions data.

CARB Activities

MBARD Activities

 BARCT for Industrial Sources: 

AB 617 requires each air district in a non-attainment area for one or more air pollutants to adopt an expedited schedule for implementation of BARCT for industrial sources. MBARD's adopted schedule can be viewed here:  Expedited BARCT Schedule


CAPP Year 1 Projects:

Project NameDescriptionCityCounty Amount Funded Benefit to Priority Populations
CAP-01 Merrill FarmsTractor ReplacementSalinasMonterey $233,090.00 Project provides incentive grant for equipment that reduces criteria air pollutants and toxic air contaminant emissions, such as diesel particulate matter.
CAP-02 Merrill FarmsTractor ReplacementSalinasMonterey $233,090.00 Project provides incentive grant for equipment that reduces criteria air pollutants and toxic air contaminant emissions, such as diesel particulate matter.

CAPP Year 2 Potential Projects:

This is a list of potential projects which are eligible for the Community Air Protection Program (CAPP) incentive grants.  After the COVID-19 outbreak has subsided and the District office has reopened, the District will carry out a public process for selecting which projects will be funded by CAPP grants.

1KL FarmsTractor $267,511.14 5.6836.83468-121.780536053010101YesYesNo
2Stratus LeasingTractor $239,769.40 3.7536.634364-121.6276856053014500YesYesNo
3Stratus LeasingTractor $239,769.40 3.1636.634364-121.6276856053014500YesYesNo
4Boutonnet FarmsTractor $293,140.71 3.1036.6496821-121.63917566053014500YesYesNo
5Dobler and Sons LLCTractor $240,439.65 2.5036.8503168-121.78898816053010101YesYesNo
6Henry Hibino FarmsTractor $243,108.78 2.1636.684563-121.6470276053000502NoYesYes
7JV-(Tier 0 & Tier 2)Alt1Tractor $199,703.73 6.6136.263403-121.1812896053011303NoYesNo
8Steinbeck Country ProduceTractor $189,685.60 6.3236.451527-121.3709326053011101NoYesNo
9Neil Bassetti FarmsTractor $300,000.00 5.7236.309552-121.2031526053011204NoYesNo
10Steinbeck Country ProduceTractor $299,875.88 5.4136.451427-121.3709326053011101NoYesNo
11Christensen & GianniniTractor $239,769.40 4.9536.038228-120.9320956053011400NoYesNo
123 Generaciones LLCTractor $279,706.05 4.6536.741069-121.6069736053000101NoYesNo
13JV-(Tier 2 & Tier 3)Alt2Tractor $279,706.05 4.4036.741069-121.6069736053000101NoYesNo
14Marc Pura RanchTractor $206,382.48 4.1836.344196-121.2311016053011204NoYesNo
15Fujii BrothersTractor $250,119.19 3.8736.740632-121.7649846053010306NoYesNo
16Borzini FarmsTractor $206,382.48 3.6836.340139-121.2433536053011202NoYesNo
17Fresh FoodsTractor $207,219.19 3.4036.20875-121.1468896053011304NoYesNo
18Marc Pura RanchTractor $76,142.30 3.1636.344196-121.2311016053011204NoYesNo
19Vintage Solutions GroupOther Ag $291,543.85 2.2536.415174-121.26662453011204NoYesNo
20Braga FarmsTractor $247,421.04 2.1236.4389-121.34596053011102NoYesNo
21Delicato Family VineyardsOther Ag $300,000.00 2.1036.1397-121.08886053011303NoYesNo
22Delicato Family VineyardsOther Ag $300,000.00 1.9936.1397-121.08886053011303NoYesNo
23Braga FarmsTractor $247,421.04 1.6536.4389-121.34596053011102NoYesNo
24A & S MetalsExcavators $103,831.92 1.1836.758222-121.7410476053010306NoYesNo
25RB FarmsTractor $255,632.40 1.1836.18693-121.0732296053011303NoYesNo
26Indian Valley Cattle Co.Tractor $79,872.83 0.8235.9555-120.65566053011400NoYesNo
27Fresh FoodsTractor $152,545.67 0.5436.20875-121.1468896053011304NoYesNo
28L&J Farms Caraccioli, LLCTractor $154,703.48 0.5536.299784-121.2051196053011304NoYesNo

All Electric School Bus Projects

ApplicantBus TypeTotal Cost of BusCensus TractDACLI1/2 MI Buffer
Live Oak Unified School DistrictSE$388,155.006087121401NoYesNo
Monterey County Office of EducationWC$281,363.686053014500YesYesNo
Pajaro Valley Unified School DistrictSE$390,177.556087122500NoYesNo