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Asbestos Renovation & Demolition

 The purpose of the Asbestos Program is to protect the public from uncontrolled emissions of asbestos through enforcement of the federal National Emissions Standard for Hazardous Air Pollutants (NESHAP) for Asbestos and MBARD Rule 424.

The Program covers most renovations and demolition projects in Monterey, San Benito, and Santa Cruz Counties. Elements of the Program include Survey and Notification Requirements prior to beginning a project, as well as Work Practice Standards and Disposal Requirements. The Program operates on a “Cradle to Grave” basis through the regulation of all aspects related to the handling of asbestos materials from discovery and removal, through transportation and disposal.





Prior to commencing any activity, the NESHAP and Rule 424 require a third party California Certified Asbestos Consultant (CAC) to complete a thorough inspection for the presence, quantity and categories of asbestos-containing material (ACM).   An asbestos survey is required for all renovations or demolitions prior to start of work. In lieu of a survey all suspect building materials are assumed to be asbestos and must be treated properly according to regulations.

Surveys include the collection and microscopic analysis of samples of all materials that might contain asbestos.  All structures to be demolished or renovated are required to complete an asbestos survey.  MBARD will not accept asbestos surveys which state trace or <1% detected that have not been point counted.   A written report containing the inspection results is required.

 Asbestos Consultants and Abatement Contractors List


A notification to MBARD is required for the following:

  •  Any regulated (see compliance assistance) demolition, whether or not asbestos is present.
  •  Any regulated (see compliance assistance) renovation in which the following will be disturbed:
    • 160 square feet or more of regulated asbestos-containing materials, or,
    • 260 linear feet or more of regulated asbestos-containing pipe (insulation).
    • 35 cubic feet or greater of RACM debris

MBARD’s notification online form must be submitted with all the required information.  The notification must be received by MBARD at least 10 working days prior to the demolition or renovation.  

If the scope of the project or project dates change, an amendment to the original notification is required.  Project changes not communicated to us, such as new start and end dates, make regulatory inspection difficult or impossible and represent a violation of the NESHAP [40 CFR 61.145(b)(3)(iv)]. Project changes are submitted online by amending the notification.




MBARD has an online system for submittal of Asbestos Program (Demolition/Renovation) Notifications.  Please follow the online instructions  to create an account and how to submit a notification. 

The recommended web browers are Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge.  Should you encounter a problem with the sytem, please clear cookies before contacting MBARD.

Payments will be submitted at the completion of the notification process, either by credit card or electronic check through the online system.

Online submittal  Link: 

Demolition and Asbestos Renovation Notifications are to be notified separately.

Instructions for New Online NotificationsInstructions for Amendments/Revisions to Online Notifications




The NESHAP requires that regulated asbestos-containing materials be removed under controlled conditions prior to demolitions or renovations so that asbestos fibers are not released into the air. 

Cal-OSHA requires that employees be trained before removing asbestos-containing materials. Contractors with specialized asbestos training and who are registered with Cal-OSHA must be utilized for asbestos removal projects. Contractors without special asbestos training must ensure that the job site is free of asbestos-containing materials before starting renovation or demolition work.


The NESHAP requires that asbestos-containing waste materials be sealed in leak-tight, properly labeled containers and disposed of only at approved sites.



The below link will provide links to other Government Agencies that may be of use to you during your research regarding Asbestos and Demolition Activities.

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