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Asbestos Renovation & Demolition


MBARD has an online system for submittal of Asbestos Program (Demolition/Renovation) Notifications.  Please follow the online instructions  to create an account and how to submit a notification.  The recommended web browers are Chrome or Edge. Payments will be submitted at the completion of the notification process, either by credit card or electronic check through the online system.

Online submittal  Link: 

INSTRUCTIONS for New Online NotificationsINSTRUCTIONS for Revisions to Online Notifications


Going forward Demolition Contractors will only be reporting for their demolition part of the project (in some cases they may be able to provide information for non-friable materials if no RACM).   Demo contractors will still report Cat I and/or Cat II non-friable asbestos materials that are associated with the Demo project if no  RACM is part of the project.  For Regulated Asbestos Containing Material (RACM), an Asbestos Contractor will be responsible to complete a separate notification, for the asbestos abatement part of the project.  By having both Contractors responsible for their own notifications, this will help in eliminating any misunderstanding of notifications that could lead to a violation.

 The purpose of the Asbestos Program is to protect the public from uncontrolled emissions of asbestos through enforcement of the Federal Asbestos Standard and Air District Rule 424.

The Program covers most renovations and demolition projects in Monterey, San Benito and Santa Cruz Counties. Elements of the Program include Survey and Notification Requirements prior to beginning a project, as well as Work Practice Standards and Disposal Requirements. The Program operates on a “Cradle to Grave” basis through the regulation of all aspects related to the handling of asbestos materials from discovery and removal, through transportation and disposal.

Forms (only to be used if no acces to internet)

FY22-23 Fees for Asbestos Renovation and Demolition Projects (7/1/2022)Notification of Asbestos Renovation and Demolition FormNotification Revision Form

General Information Documents

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