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Current Air Quality & Forecast


Air Quality Forecast


May 21 - May 24: Gusty offshore winds will mix up the marine layer this week, minimizing drizzle at the coast and allowing earlier clearing of stratus clouds compared to last week. For inland areas there will be plenty of sunshine. Temperatures at the coast will range from the upper 40s to mid 60s and inland upper 40s to mid 80s, with Tuesday being the warmest day this week. Relatively mild conditions will keep ozone air quality levels below state standards and therefore GOOD. AQIs for PM2.5 (smoke) will be generally GOOD but reach MODERATE at times, while PM10 (dust) will be GOOD. The fire at Camp Roberts will produce smoke over the next few days, particularly in the late afternoons.


Infographic about updated 2024 AQI for fine particle pollution with new breakpoints and health impacts information.


PM2.5 (Smoke) Sensors


Regulatory Air Monitoring Stations