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Advisory Committee



Each member of the Board of Directors may nominate two members for appointment to the Advisory Committee. Members of the Advisory Committee are typically selected because of their eminence in their professions and fields of endeavor and as representatives of interest groups in the community. The Committee considers the technical, social, economic, environmental and fiscal aspects of items set to go before the Board at a future meeting in order to arrive at the best advice upon which the Committee may agree, and then make recommendations to the Board.

The Advisory Committee regularly meets on the 1st Thursday of each month. The Committee typically does not meet during the months of January and July. These are determined ahead of time and noted on its annually adopted Advisory Committee Meeting Schedule. The Schedule does not include special meetings that may be called, or scheduled meetings which may be cancelled, at the direction of the Chair.

Committee MembersAppointing Board Members
VACANT/VACANTSanta Cruz Cities Representative
Sandy Coplin/VACANTGlenn Church
Bob Smith/VACANTFormer Director Ryan Coonerty
Matthew McCluney/VACANTMary Ann Carbone
Scott Storm/ VACANTMike LeBarre
VACANT/VACANTOrlando Osornio
Sandy Swint/VACANTKollin Kosmicki
Allen Stroh/Janet BrennanWendy Askew 
Caitlyn Turley/Zane HatchettZach Friend
VACANT/VACANTDolores Morales