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3/30/2022 PRESS RELEASE:  Transportation Emission Reduction Grant Program

On March 16, 2022 the Monterey Bay Air Resources District Board (MBARD) re-authorized the AB2766 Motor Vehicle Emission Reduction Grant Program. This year’s program will feature the Clean Air Management Program (CAMP), which includes projects such as roundabouts, the use of adaptive traffic signal control systems and the Advanced Clean Transportation (ACT) component, which provides funding for medium to heavy-duty all electric vehicles. ACT funding is available for both public and private fleets. New for this year’s CAMP is the addition of bicycle infrastructure projects, such as bicycle paths and lanes, storage lockers, and bike racks. Also featured is the AB2766 Clean Vehicle Program, which includes the ongoing light-duty EV replacement incentives for public agency fleets and the EV incentive program for residents of Santa Cruz, Monterey and San Benito Counties to assist with the purchase of electric vehicles and electric bicycles.

According to Richard Stedman, MBARD’s Air Pollution Control Officer, “Oxides of nitrogen (NOx) are primary chemical compounds combined with other pollutants that produce ozone (smog). Over 60% of the total emission of NOx in our three-county jurisdiction comes from motor vehicles with the largest portion coming from medium to heavy duty diesel trucks and buses. By encouraging and incentivizing roundabout construction, the use of adaptive traffic signal control at roadway intersections and fleet electrification projects, motor vehicle emissions are significantly reduced which results in long term air quality benefits.”

The Clean Air Management Program consists of:

·         Roundabout design and construction

·         Adaptive Traffic Signal Control

·         Advanced Clean Transportation (open to both public and private fleets)

·         Bicycle infrastructure

The Clean Vehicle Program consists of:

·         Public agency electric vehicle replacement

·         Monterey Bay EV incentive program for Santa Cruz, Monterey, and San Benito county residents 

          (recently added are incentives for E-bikes)


All AB2766 applications are available online at:


Richard A. Stedman

Air Pollution Control Officer

Monterey, CA 

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