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AB2766 Motor Vehicle Emission Reduction Grants

California Assembly Bill 2766 (AB2766), signed into law in 1990, permits MBARD to allocate a $4.00 per vehicle registration surcharge fee towards grant projects that reduce motor vehicle emissions such as roundabouts, adaptive traffic signal control systems, medium to heavy-duty vehicle electrification and light-duty zero emission vehicle incentives. Funds may also be used for related planning, monitoring, enforcement, and technical studies pursuant to the California Clean Air Act. Funds are available to public and private agencies as well as residents in Monterey, San Benito and Santa Cruz Counties.  See the links below for more details.

Application: FY2022-23 AB2766 Clean Air Management Grant Program

Application: FY2022-23 AB2766 Public Agency EV Replacement Grant Program

FY23 AB2766 Criteria and Procedures.docxAB2766 Activity Data Spreadsheet.xlsx


FY2022-23 AB2766 Timetable

 TaskDue Date
Staff posts announcement and grant application packet to District website: www.MBARD.orgMarch 18, 2022
All applications due to the MBARD office no later than 4:00 pm.June 17, 2022
Staff posts list of all eligible applicants for FY2022-23 funding on the MBARD Website.July 1, 2022
Staff completes scoring and ranking of eligible FY2022-23 applications.August 5, 2022
Staff grant award recommendations presented at the September 2022 Board meeting. Selected projects are announced by the Board.September 21, 2o22