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Wood Stove Change Out Program


NOTICE: After the grant funds are allocated a limited waitlist will be started in the event of any cancellations. The submission of any application, or being on the waitlist, does not guarantee funding. The waitlist applications will not be retained after the funds are expended.


MBARD is excited to offer the residents of Monterey, Santa Cruz and San Benito Counties an opportunity to participate in the 2020 Wood Stove Change Out Program (WSCOP).
May contain: nature and outdoors

The crackle of a glowing fire or the smell of wood smoke might evoke fond memories or be a necessary way to heat your home, but wood smoke also causes serious air pollution problems inside your home, in your neighborhood and globally.

Smoke from woodstoves and fireplaces contain many different harmful air pollutants, including particulate matter (fine solid or liquid particles), carbon monoxide, and volatile organic compounds, which can be emitted at unhealthy levels both inside and outside of our homes. Studies show that these pollutants can cause respiratory problems, cardiovascular disease, cancer, and are the leading environmental cause of premature death. For more information about woodsmoke and health effects:

Using wood burning heating devices, such as open hearth fireplaces, fireplace inserts or woodstoves, also affect local air quality, degrade regional air quality and contribute to global warming.

In an effort to reduce these pollutants from wood burning smoke, the Monterey Bay Air Resources District (MBARD) in conjunction with California Climate Investments (CCI) are providing incentives for homeowners who replace their wood burning heating devices with a cleaner burning alternatives.

The WSCOP is part of a state Wood Smoke Reduction Program, with funding provided by the California Climate Investments, a statewide initiative that puts Cap-and-Trade dollars to work.

The WSCOP offers incentives toward the replacement (purchase and installation) of functioning open hearth fireplaces, woodstoves and wood burning inserts (manufactured prior to July 1988 and used as a primary heat source) with one of the following heating devices:

May contain: oven, appliance, and stove
  • Natural Gas
  • Propane
  • Electric
  • Pellet Stove / Fireplace Insert (PM2.5 emission ratings not exceeding 2.0 g/hr)
  • 2020 EPA Wood Burning Device (PM2.5 emission ratings not exceeding 2.0 g/hr)
  • Ductless Mini-Split Heat Pump

Replacement device must be NEW.

Incentives to change from a qualified wood burning device to a:

  • EPA 2020 Certified Wood or Pellet Stove or Fireplace Insert (NTE 2 g/hr) - $1,000
  • Natural Gas, Propane, Electric Stove or Fireplace Insert, or Ductless Mini-Split Heat Pump - $1,500
  • Additional Incentive for Low Income - $2,000

General Process:

  1. Review program information on this webpage then click the ONLINE APPLICATION for specific instructions to apply.
  2. Shop, Not Buy- Shop around and select your replacement device. DO NOT purchase a device, but do get the make, model, efficiency, PM2.5 emissions (for wood burning devices).
  3. Installer Estimate- Schedule a visit with an approved Installer.
  4. Apply
  5. Receive Approval Email
  6. Buy - Purchase and install your new heating device.
  7. Upload- Attach all requested documents and photographs.

**ALL projects participating in this program are REQUIRED to get a permit from their local jurisdiction. The replacement device must be permanently installed by a professional, appropriately licensed dealer approved by the APCD for this program. Self-installation of heating devices is not allowed.**

Low Income Eligible Incentive $2,000

This is a seperate application process in addition to the WSCOP application. You must apply with Central Coast Energy Services. We unfortunately cannot assist you with this part of the application process. We only verify your eligibility status after CCES reviews your application for assistance. Your standard WSCOP application and incentive will be held until CCES makes their determination.

The 1-888-728-3637 line works 24 hours a day and customers need only leave their name, address, and phone number to receive an application and instructions by mail within two to four working days.

CCES has the following income guidelines on their webstie, and you may also complete an online application there.

HEAP Eligibility Guidelines* (eligibility in HEAP is determined by the last 30 days of income) Monthly income cannot exceed:
1 person $2,004
2 person $2,621
3 person $3,238
4 person $3,855
5 person $4,472
6 person $5,089
7 person $5,204
8 person $5,320

*HEAP eligibility guidelines may change depending on funding.

May contain: rug


Additional Resources:

For tips on how to burn cleaner: and

Program Guidelines:

To see if your wood burning stove or insert is already EPA certified: .

For more information, visit the wood stove pages on the EPA and CARB webpages and checkout the California Air Resources Board Handbook.