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Air Quality Awareness Week, May 1-5, 2023


May 1 – 5, 2023, is Air Quality Awareness Week.  This year’s theme is “Working Together for Clean Air”. The most common air pollutants in our region, ozone, sometimes called smog, and particle pollution, pose health risks for many residents each year.  Each day during the week a news release and a social media post will feature a topic for you to learn more about air quality.   Download the press release.

Links to Daily Press Releases to learn about each focus:

May 1    Monday             Wildfires & Smoke

May 2    Tuesday            Asthma & Your Health

May 3    Wednesday     Air Quality and Transportation

May 4    Thursday          Air Quality and Climate

May 5    Friday                Participatory Science

Air Quality Awareness Continues Year-Around - Download “20 Ways YOU Can Clean the Air” Checklist to learn how YOU help reduce air pollution locally in your community.